5 Must-Read Books To Grow Your Business

What Books Do You Need To Read To Level-Up Your Business?

Whether you’re just beginning your journey on growing your business and entrepreneurship, or you are further down the road, one thing is certain… reading is a must. There’s no denying that reading the work of successful business owners can not only help develop yourself but also elevate your own venture.

But where to start? 

I understand how hard it can be to know where to look for the right information, especially when it comes to your personal and business development. With the whole internet as a resource, it can become an endless labyrinth of overwhelm with no apparent way out.

With that in mind, I’ve listed below my top 5 books to read when you’re starting to expand your business and get you well on your way to becoming the successful entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Sally Hogshead – Fascinate


Ever wondered how to make your brand stand out from the crowd and become impossible to resist? Look no more. Sally Hogshead will help you understand how to increase your prices, get better leads, and attract raving fans.

In this book, Sally gives clarity on subjects like, why are there popular brands that no one likes, and how can your brand become irresistible? You’ll be taken on a journey full of surprising answers that will not only shock but also provide you with the exact process you need to fascinate your audience.

By using award-winning copywriting experience and case studies, you’ll be shown precisely what to say to capture the world’s attention.

2. Phil M Jones – Exactly What to Say

Coveted as one of the leading sales trainers in the world, Phil M Jones takes you on a journey in understanding how your ability to say the right thing at the right time will give you an advantage over the competition while delivering the strategies and tactics to get you the results you deserve. From training over 2 million people around the world, Phil will take you through how to perfect the lost art of spoken communication.

3. Seth Godin – The Practice

A man who needs little introduction, arguably the godfather of modern marketing.

‘The Practice’ discusses a wide range of topics, with the myth of writer’s block and how imposter syndrome is the experience of a well-adjusted human to name a few.

This book was based on the revolutionary Akimbo workshop and teaches you how to be courageous to not only create new work but share it. By using this book as your go-to guide, you will be able to take the right risks and overcome the things that scare you most.

A must-have for any business or marketer.

4. Benjamin Hardy – Personality Isn’t Permanent

With a Ph.D. in the bag, Dr.Benjamin Hardy gives his thoughts on personality tests like Myers-Briggs and how these could actually be detrimental to your success while providing clear guidance on what you need for your own transformation.

Dr. Hardy takes the misconception that personality is innate and unchanging and pulls in psychological research to completely debunk this thought.

You’ll learn how to create the person you want to be and achieve your goals, instead of looking backward and defining your future based on your past.

Definitely a book to add to your wishlist.

5. Jim Kwik – Limitless

Ever tried putting furniture together without instructions? It’s not the easiest, that’s for sure.

Now imagine doing that with the most powerful technology in the world…Your brain! In Limitless, you’ll finally get the instruction manual to unlock your truth and lead an extraordinary life.

Over the past quarter of a century, Jim Kwik has aided hundreds of top CEOs, celebrities, and students to improve their decision-making skills and reading speed.

This book covers everything from your mission to meta-learning, all the way to your motivation and mindset where you’ll uncover the secrets to what it really takes to improve your IQ and skill set.

Jim believes that it’s your own mentality and thoughts of being limited that are stopping you from reaching your dreams. Here, he’ll show you how to harness your superpower to truly unleash your limitless potential.

I can’t recommend this one enough.

How To Take Your Growth One-Step Further.

Like most people, I could read books all day long, but without the right learning environment or structure, it can be easy to let the wealth of great take-aways slip through our hands like sand. Without follow-up actions, extracting the key learning principles, and then actually applying these in your life, your learning will simply fade away leaving you in the exact same position you’re in now.

Now imagine…

What if you could learn from these amazing authors directly? In a safe palace to ask questions, and find out exactly how this can be applied to your business?

It gets one better…

What if you could do it for free?

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All this for free.

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